Understanding What a Private Bodyguard Does

A private bodyguard performs a number of duties and may have many years of experience without being officially employed by the government or by a law enforcement agency. A private bodyguard serves in much the same capacity as a guardsman or policeman does except he or she is not required to be licensed, bonded, or registered with the government. A private bodyguard has to be hired by a person who owns the property that requires the protection or a person who has the best standing with the government to qualify for such employment.

The Difference Between Personal Security Services and Security Consultants

A private bodyguard works for a particular company or for a private individual, but may also work independently at times. VIP protection is one type of private bodyguard service that is available to elite groups of individuals, corporations, and other institutions. VIP bodyguards provide protection to VIP guests and provide advanced first aid protocol for any situation that may arise. They also have to be very knowledgeable about the law and any local ordinances pertaining to their particular area of employment.

A private bodyguard performs a number of different functions such as protecting a building or an individual from the threat of a break-in, protecting business from potential thieves, and providing personal protection to senior government officials. They also assist in airport security, protecting corporate executives, and providing security for weddings and events. Lastly, bodyguards are often called upon to serve as bodyguards for family members who travel away on vacation and need to be escorted home safely. A private bodyguard may also be called upon to protect an individual or a company if there is an act of violence or an act of theft.